Colorful jacquard Fabric

Figured texture weave

Jacquard weave refers to the pattern weave in which a fabric is woven with two or more colored yarns to form a color pattern on the surface of the fabric. Single side jacquard can be divided into floating jacquard and inlaid jacquard; The double-sided jacquard tissue is divided into sesame dot jacquard, air layer jacquard, etc. Jacquard tissue can be used for clothing in different seasons and for different purposes. It can present rich and colorful patterns. It is a good choice for coat cloth and decorative cloth.

Single jacquard

Dotted jacquard
The weaving process with dotted jacquard presents a weft flat stitch on the front and a horizontal floating line on the back. The resulting double-layer fabric is warmer than ordinary single-sided weft flat stitch. However, due to the process requirements, the dotted jacquard has great restrictions on the pattern design, and the number of adjacent stitches of the same color is usually required not to be too large. The fairyland sweater is a typically dotted jacquard.


Inlaid fabric, also known as single-sided nondotted jacquard fabric, refers to the fabric composed of color blocks in the pure color area woven with different colors or different kinds of yarns, which are connected with each other to form patterns. Each solid color area has sound edges and no floating lines.

Double Jacquard

Sesame dot jacquard
The characteristic of the sesame dot jacquard weave is that the yarns of different colors on the back of the fabric form a circle, the colors are staggered, and the dots are distributed like sesame dots. The color of the fabric is clear, flat, and suitable in thickness, and the color of the back coil will not be exposed from the front.

Air layer jacquard

The jacquard weave of the air layer is the weave of selected color yarns on the front needle bed and other color yarns on the rear needle bed, which are not involved with each other, and the air layer is formed between the front and rear coils of the fabric. The cloth surface is not flat, with folds and bulges.

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