Hanma High Speed Open-Width Double Knitting Machine is developed on the basis of Double machine and possesses the characteristics of the double machine. Gray Fabric can be cut without crease and wastage.

The upper and lower cam of this machine is a closed track and wide needle heel design, with Drawdown cam * Tuck cam. Floating threads cam, able to simply weave and make cam changes, it can weave tissue cloth with different styles and high quality, such as elastic health cloth ( polyester health cloth ), twill, air layer, interlayer pads, bubble cloth, double mesh, mercerized cotton and a variety of color textures. The fabric of senior men’s and women’s fashion such as elastic double-surface cloth can be weaved equipped with a spandex OP device. Human design enables needle cylinders and needle plates to be more simple and quick, to adapt to the changing market demands.

Combining the characteristics of double jersey and crease-free for cloths from knitting machines. High fabric output, equipped with a large diameter cylinder and high-speed motor; automatic cutting system to ensure unnecessary fabric loss.

 Double jersey machines have two sets of needles; one on dial and as well as on cylinder. There are no sinkers in double jersey machines.

This double arrangement of needles allows the fabric to be manufactured which is twice as thick as the single jersey fabric, known as double jersey fabric

Diameter 24″-42″
Gauge 15G-40G
Feeder 60F-102F
Speed 16-30r/min
Power 5.5HP

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Urge to place orders, not much inventory催促下单,库存不多 Dear X,Thank you for your inquiry.Yes, we have this item in stock. How many do you want? Right now, we only have X lots of the X color left. Since they are very popular, the product has a high risk of selling out soon. Please place your order …

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Condition: NewProduct Type:fabricType:CircularProduction Capacity:250-750kg
Place of Origin: Fujian China
Brand Name:HANMA
(circular knitting machine)
Model Number:HM-DF4
(circular knitting machine)
(circular knitting machine)
Knitting Style: knittedKnitting Method: DoubleComputerized: NoWeight:2.5TON
Dimension(L*W*H):2.35*2.28*2.28MAfter-sales Service Provided:Engineers
available to service machinery overseas
Certificate: CE
machine type: double jerseyturn way: anticlockwise
fabric function:sports garment
1Insert flake type cylinde&dlar(Germany metal)HanmaChina1 unit
2NeedlesGroz-beckertGermany1 Set
3Positive storage yarn feedersHanmaChina1 Unit
4Oiling lubricatorHongshengChina1 Set
5Yarn CreelHanmaChina1 Set
6One way take-down deviceHanmaChina1 Set
7InvertorSunyueChina1 Set
8Fabric Spreader equipmentHanmaChina1 Set
9CamsJapan1 Set
10Digital indicator control panelHanmaChina1 set
11Automatic dust fans with blower equipment.San songChina1 set
12Radar type round 360’ clear dust equipmentSan songChina1 set
13Spare tools   
14Operation manual for invertor & controller panel   
15Extra Spare parts : (a) 100pcs needles (b)Feeders 1pcs   (c)Air blower gun 1 set  (d)Fuse 4pcs    (e) Yarn carrier 1pcs  (f)Needle oil 1 liter

Cloth Cutting System

Following the gear design without unfolding the fabric, allows easy rolling up of cloth. Its safety shutdown device functions when the cloth is not cut completely. The cloth collecting stick can roll up cloth automatically, to process cloth of diverse sizes, even those which are too small to strain. The cloth-cutting machine is equipped with a roller speed adjustment device, guaranteeing a uniform and stable knitting tightness for the fabric.

In general, the rate of production in knitting is much higher with less preparatory processes than weaving. Circular weft knitting machines offer the greatest potential for high speed production, because knitting can take place continuously in the same direction of yarn feed, and the rotary motion minimizes problems of vibration and wear and tear at high speed. In most latch-needle circular machines, knitting of yarn at a single feeder occupies a relatively small part of the circumference of the needle circle and the simplest way of increasing production is therefore to incorporate additional feeder around the circumference, so that for each revolution of the machine more than one course is knitted at a time. The number of feeder that can be accommodated depends on the gauge and diameter of the machine and the number of needle spaces taken by the cam system at each feeder. With present machines each feeder may occupy one inch of circumference, the limit being imposed by the cam angles. The flat bed weft knitting machines are in general simple but low productive. The design capacity of these machines has also passed through revolutionary changes. With the help of CAD and CAM, seamless garments are manufactured in flat bed weft knitting machines. The warp knitting machines are more versatile but those are complicated and costly.

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The machines can be divided into two different types, depending on the number of sets of needles: single set: plain; two sets: rib, interlock, spacer fabric. Both single set und double set machines also exist as Jacquard machines, which are needed for special designs.

Yes, we have excellent after-sales service, can give quick response , supporting in Chinese and English, video support is available. We have training center in our Factory.

We offer warranty for about one year after customer received our products

Company Profile

Zhenfu Knitting Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in manufacturing machines, woven products, and apparel. We are also engaged in the production and design of fabrics and large diameter circular knitting machines for woof weaving and knitting. We have three trademarks — “HANMA”, “LUHU”, “ZHENFU”.We introduced foreign advanced computer process equipment and test and measurement instruments. We also research information reflection from consumers for stratifying customers’ different demands. We have a group of engineer technicians with rich experience. They can develop new products according to customers’ specifications. We are based on the enterprise tenet of “Credit, Factualism, and Innovation” and persist in the management concept of “Quality is the Base and Credit is the First”. We can supply top-ranking products and perfect after-sales services to our customers. We have taken root in a vehemently competing market of diameter circular knitting machines. Our company was awarded ISO9001 certificate in 2003. We have developed into a production factory with a certain scale. We offer large diameter circular knitting machines, including rib universal machines, large high-speed and single-sided jacquard cylinders, high-speed and single-sided large diameter circular knitting machines, back-to-face packed pole loop machines, and single-sided sanitary clothes. We welcome all clients to contact us.

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Perfect product, great service

My customer have received the goods, they are very satisfied about it! The parts are good quality and precise, fabric knitted looks super nice! I totally like this manufacturer’s product and service, they reply me quite quickly and gave me professional suggestions and guidance. Thanks! Hope future have more cooperations!
Ceo of Xroad

Excellent service and quality product!!

Fast and good service. Thank you for the full assistance in shipment process and good packaging. Best regards
Ceo of Alebachew and mastewal weaving

Wonderful service

I know lynn for many years now and i recommend her as a wonderful person and recommend all shine star and arrow star products.
Jai shree shyam
Ceo of jest texiles

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