Maintenance specification for circular knitting machine


This regulation is formulated to provide rules for the daily maintenance and repair of the production equipment of our company, so as to maintain the normal operation of the production equipment and reduce the equipment failure rate

Scope of application

Workshop circular machine.


3.1 person in charge

The technical team of the production department and the occluder are respectively responsible for maintenance. Members of the technical team often patrol the workshop every day, communicate with the car stopper, conduct a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the machine once a month, and deal with problems in time.

3.2 daily maintenance

3.2.1 remove cotton wool attached to creel and machine surface every shift. Keep braided parts and winding equipment clean.

3.2.2 each shift shall check the automatic stop device and safety device, and repair or replace it immediately in case of abnormality.

3.2.3 check the active yarn feeding device once per shift. If there is any abnormality, dismantle, repair, or replace it immediately.

3.2.4 each shift shall check the oil level mirror of the big-toothed plate and the oil level pipe of the fuel injector.

3.3 weekly maintenance

3.3.1 clean the aluminum tray for yarn feeding speed regulation, remove the cotton wadding accumulated in the tray, and check whether the tension of the conveyor belt is normal.

3.3.2 check whether the belt tension of the transmission system is normal and whether the transmission is smooth.

3.3.3 check the operation status of the cloth winder.

March and April maintenance

3.4.1 remove the upper and lower tripod seats and remove the accumulated cotton wadding.

3.4.2 clean the dust removal fan and check whether the blowing direction is correct.

3.4.3 clean the cotton wool in all electrical accessories.

3.4.4 recheck the performance of all electrical accessories (including automatic stop system, safety alarm system, and detection system).

3.5 semi-annual maintenance

3.5.1 cleaning machine. Thoroughly clean the upper and lower dials, including needles and sinkers, select all needles and sinkers, and replace them immediately if damaged.

3.5.2 clean the fuel injector and check whether the oil circuit is unblocked.

3.5.3 clean and inspect the movable yarn storage device.

3.5.4 clean the cotton wadding and oil stains in the motor and transmission system.

3.5.5 check whether the oil circuit for collecting waste oil is unblocked.

3.6 maintenance of main parts of a rotary machine

3.6.1 cleaning the needle groove can prevent dirt from entering the knitted fabric with the needle. The cleaning method is as follows: replace the yarn with low-grade or waste yarn, start the high-speed operation, inject a large amount of needle oil into the needle barrel, and refuel while running until the dirty oil completely flows out of the groove.

3.6.2 check whether the needle and sinker in the needle cylinder are damaged. If damaged, replace them immediately; In case of poor fabric quality, consider whether to update all fabrics.

3.6.3 check whether the needle groove width of the needle cylinder is the same distance (check whether there are straight stripes on the surface of the woven fabric) and whether the needle groove wall is damaged. If you find the above problems, please repair or update them immediately.

3.6.4 check the wear of the triangular plate to confirm whether its installation position is correct and whether the screws are locked.

3.6.5 check and correct the installation position of each yarn feeding port, and replace it in case of wear.

3.6.6 correct the installation position of the take-up triangle at each yarn feeding port to make the length of each coil braided uniform.

3.7 lubrication mode, oil, and lubrication of the machine

3.7.1 lubrication method and use of oil the oil level mirror of the die plate shall be checked every day. If the oil level is lower than 2 / 3, add oil manually. Use 140 #-160 # engine oil. If oil deposits are found during half-year maintenance, replace them immediately. the gear of a large fixed gearbox shall be inspected once a month and added with grease. Use No. 4 bentonite grease (commonly known as snow oil). after half a year of maintenance, check all transmission bearings and add grease. Use high-temperature-resistant grease. special needle oil for high-speed circular knitting machine or special lubricant for disc knitting machine must be used for lubrication of all knitted parts (including fuel injection of fuel injector).

3.7.2 implementation of lubrication

Master the oil type and lubrication time of each part, so that each designated part of each machine in the whole plant can be lubricated with the specified type and quantity within the specified time.

3.8 maintenance of distribution system

The power distribution system is the power source of the knitting machine, so strict regular maintenance must be carried out to avoid unnecessary faults.

3.8.1 check the machine for electric leakage.

3.8.2 check whether the switch button is faulty.

3.8.3 check whether the detector is safe and effective at any time.

3.8.4 check whether the line is worn or broken.

3.8.5 check the inside of the motor, clean the dirt attached to all parts, and add oil to the bearing.

3.9 precautions for shutdown and sealing

Maintain the machine according to the semi-annual maintenance procedure, and add lubricating oil to the weaving part; Add anti-oil to the needle and sinker. Finally, cover the machine with tarpaulin soaked in needle oil and seal it in a dry and clean place.

3.10 storage of machine parts and spare parts

3.10.1 normal storage of common wearing parts is an important guarantee for production continuity. The general storage environment shall be cool, dry, and with a small temperature difference. The specific storage methods are as follows:

3.10.2 storage of needle cylinder and needle disc

First, clean the syringe, apply engine oil, wrap it with tarpaulin, and put it into a wooden box to avoid collision and deformation.

Before use, remove the oil in the syringe with compressed air, and add needle oil during use.

3.10.3 storage of triangles

Store triangles in categories, boxes and add anti needle oil.

3.10.4 storage of knitting needles and sinkers.

The new needle and sinker shall be placed in the original packing box, and the sealing strip shall not be removed.

Old needles and countersunk needles must be cleaned and inspected. Damaged needles should be classified and stored in boxes, and needle oil should be put in to prevent damage. matters needing attention:

All knitting parts (including needles, sinkers, triangles, and syringes) shall be cleaned only with knitting oil to avoid affecting the normal performance of other parts of the machine.

The spray lubrication system of circular knitting machines must provide clean, dry, and moisture-free compressed air. Therefore, the air compressor unit shall be equipped with a waterproof dehumidification device. Meanwhile, the high-pressure air output from the pipeline shall be free of dirt and sundries. The warehousing time of parts should not be too long and should be checked regularly.


maintenance record form

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