Computerized Single Jersey Auto-Striper circular Knitting Machine

1. The machine has a simple and stable structure with a change color device with small volume, reaching maximum productivity of many colors and change.
2.It adopts center adjustment equipment. and it can adjust the gram force simply and accurately
3.It adopts the four-track cam with a special design and it can produce many types of single color-striped fabrics.
4.It adopts an internationally advanced Japanese WAC computer control system and Japanese Matsuzaki line changing mechanism It is with off memory function and storage function. Through high-tech man-machine interface LCD touch can change and cover the interior procedures conveniently, changing the width color of striped fabric.
5.It can add a spandex device and knit any types of the high-end flexible color cloth strip
6.It can knit striped terry and free striped velvet fabric with towel interchanger parts and it can change conveniently and quickly.


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Condition: NewProduct Type:fabricType:CircularProduction Capacity:250-750kg
Place of Origin: Fujian China
Brand Name:HANMA
(circular knitting machine)
Model Number:HM-DF4
(circular knitting machine)
(circular knitting machine)
Knitting Style: knittedKnitting Method: SingleComputerized: YesWeight:2.5TON
Dimension(L*W*H):2.35*2.28*2.28MAfter-sales Service Provided:Engineers
available to service machinery overseas
Certificate: CE
machine type: Single jacquardturn way: anticlockwise
fabric function:sports garment
1Upper yarn break dectors 上段断纱器HanmaChina1 piece feeder
2Center yarn break detectors 中段断纱器HanmaChina1 piece feeder
3Control system控制系统ChuangdaChina1 set
44/6 color striper equipment 四、六色调线装置ChinaChina1 Piece /feeder
5Needles针Groz-beckertGermany1 Set
6Insert flake type cylinder 插片式针筒特殊合金钢HanmaChina1 set
7Needle leaf 针叶TaiwanTaiwan1 set
8Positive storage yarn feeders 输纱器 JPF-J88-T88-T24_01A CCWRenhao 2*4taiwan1 Unit
9Oiling lubricator 喷油机HongshengChina1 Set
10Yarn Creel纱架HanmaChina1 Set
11One way take-down device单用卷布机HanmaChina1 Set
12Invertor变频器SanchuanChina1 Set
13Fabric Spreader equipment撑布架装置HanmaChina1 Set
14Cams三角Japan1 Set
15Digital indicator control panel控制面板MinshidaTaiwan1 set
16Automatic dust fans with blower equipment.自动吹风装置系统San songChina1 set
17Radar type round 360’ clear dust equipment雷达式360度回转除尘装置San songChina1 set
18Spare tools 工具箱  1 set
19Operation manual for invertor & controller panel 变频器说明书和面板操作说明  1 set
20Extra Spare parts : (a) 100pcs needles (b)Feeders 1pcs   (c)Air blower gun 1 set  (d)Fuse 4pcs    (e) Yarn carrier 1pcs  (f)Needle oil 1 liter 小量零配件供调试用: a) 织针 100枚   b)   输纱器   1个 c) 气枪组  1套   d) 保险丝  4条    e) 喂纱嘴  2个 f 针油一桶

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